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     At Nineteen, Brendan Velasquez knows what he wants. He has set out to reach his goal: a career in the music business. With his determination, ambition, and talent there is not much that can stop this young man from reaching and moving people through music.


   It all started when he was old enough to vocalize. From elementary school through high school, Brendan performed in choir and multiple musical productions. Music became a natural part of life. He began writing music at age sixteen. Soon he got into music production with the help of his step dad, who introduced him to the wonderful world of home studio.


   At the age of 16, Brendan started producing his own fusion of electronica, rock, and pop. His demos were heard by artist manager Raymon Smiley. Impressed by the music, Raymon began working with Brendan on a full length CD that will be released summer 2008.  Filled with more than 15 songs ranging from pop/dance with a hint of rock to R&B with a techno flavor there is something for everyone who loves great music.


     One of his hopes is to educate and enlighten young people and others on the importance of  safer sex practice.  





Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Place: The Ocean

Favorite CD: Eisley-Room Noises

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite Performer: Britney Spears

Favorite Band: Eisley

Favorite Vocalist: Mariah Carey

Hero: His Mom

Favorite Animal: His Cat Russ

Favorite Instrument: The Piano & The Voice