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Levels Brendna Cover FINAL

Fall For Me

I was scoping out the scene

When you walked in

Like a model in those jeans

From the cover of a magazine

I breathe


From the way you’re dressed

Who you tryin to impress

I look around

Must be me I guess

Just confess



Lost in the rhythm of the beat

I can see you dance for me

Ooo you know you’re such a tease

Baby watch and see

You’ll fall for me


Come on you know you want to stare

I’m here waiting

Out of all the boys up in here

I know I act like I don’t care

But don’t be scared


You’re talking dirty on your feet

Your mom’d be so proud

I’m gonna take you home with me

Wash your mouth out clean

Bend you over my knee


Repeat Chorus



I know you’re diggin me

It’s obvious to see

Take a chance boy

I know you’ll fall for me


I know you like control

It’s time to let it go

Just wait and see boy

You’ll fall for me


Repeat Chorus