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Levels Brendna Cover FINAL

Like A Lover Should

Tell me somethin’

There’s a rumor goin’ round

Your growin’ tired

Of the lies he’s layin’ down


He says he loves you

But I know your havin’ doubts

Heaven knows it

Won’t stop, baby no


I’ve been waitin’

On the side so patiently

I’ve been waitin’

For your eyes to fall on me


Come on just tell me now,

What’s a boy to do?

‘Cuz now you got me lovestruck,

It’s all from you.



I know he don’t love you like he should

I know you miss it, like I knew you would

Come on and give me one chance to show

I’m gonna love you like a lover should.


Tell me somethin’

Does he please you in every way

Make you tremble from the touch,

Take your breath away


Does he ever read your mind

Get what your about

It’s obvious to me

That you’re missin’ out


Repeat Chorus



I’ll show ya chemistry

Wanna get your lips one me

You’ll taste somethin’ sweet

Gonna set you free.


So just listen to the sound

As your heart beats faster now

So baby, let me in

I wanna be more than your friend.


Repeat Chorus