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Levels Brendna Cover FINAL

Old School

Life’s like a record

Tryin just to play my favorite 45

Mine’s always skippin

Wish I could go back to just bein a child


You’re always the one

Who can make me feel alive

Let’s slip in some fun

Get to know our care free side



Let me hear those sweet soul jams

A little Etta James Marvin Gaye

Let me sing to you in that old school way

Gonna take you to my wonderland

Where Temptations play on a slow love train

Make our own hits in that old school way


There’s something bout those sweet grooves

Even though they came long before my time

You know it makes my soul move

It’s just the thing to set the mood on a quiet night


When we’re all alone

And I feel you close by my side

Let’s turn the radio on

And let the world just pass us by


Repeat Chorus